Meny •••     Clownen Ruben Madsen
Multi-Art Föreställning     Film-Musik-Clown-Publik

Film:  Niviukkatut ilillunga / Som en Fluga

Musik: Boeves Psalm -- Celeste Vals -- Le Petit Compositeur -- Musica Maricha -- Final
På turné:   Grönland September 2018, April 2019, September 2019!    Västernorrland Oktober 2018
2019 - 2020 - 2021 - 2022: USA (Albuquerque), Ryssland, Island, Færøarna, Danmark, Finland, Norge och Sverige

••• Föreställningen som konsert •••

Filmen:  Niviukkatut ilillunga / Som en Fluga    (Eng)   ---    Multi-Art Konserten

E-post:  Telefon 070 5924492    Besöks- och postadress: Centrum  893 99  Ulvöhamn

The Greenlandic Multi-Art Clownshow
    Featuring: Clownen Ruben & Niels Hansen

Description of the performance:

”Contact with the audience is Clown Ruben’s top quality as an artist! 
The performance is a meeting where an tender-hearted classic clown masterfully gives adventure, play, wonderment, liberating laughter and world-class music.    – An experience to be shared and remembered!”

Clownen ruben has since 1972, traveled around the world and presented his Clown shows and Concerts
at theaters, circuses and concert halls.  He has received a number of major national and international awards for his artistic practice as Clown.

The Performance tells about a tour to Greenland in 1987 and
a visit to a small dorp far into the outermost
Greenlandic sea belt and meeting there with a little boy.

The performance’s dramaturgy consists of four parts and commutes between ”then” and ”now”.
– ”Then” is depicted by short sequences from the movie ”Niviukkatut ilillunga” (Like a fly).
– ”Now” is depicted by music, various classical clowncaprices, stories and musical interaction with the audience.

Participant in performance:
Clown: Clownen Ruben Madsen - Sweden
Technique: Niels Hansen - Denmark
Participant in production
Artistic Director: Ruben Madsen - Sweden
Coordinator/Technique: Niels Hansen - Denmark
Film: Håkan Johansson - Sweden
Sound: Sigurdór Gudmundsson - Island
Graphic design: Christian Sabe - Sweden
Animations: Timofey Mokienko - Russia
Translations: Ado Rasmussen - Greenland
Speaker (Intro): Marthannguaq Rosa Lennert Rasmussen - Greenland
Speaker (Story): Kristine Markussen - Greenland / Denmark

Audience: Adults and children.
Local:   The audience's opportunity to experience the performance is primary priority.
Duration:   47 minutes.   OBS: May be shortened some minutes if necessary!
Sound and film: Sound system for music. Projector where we can connect our computer and screen.
Light:  Do we solve together.
Stageset: Do we solve together.
Pre/post:   3,5/1,5 hour.
Makeup on/off:  60/45 minutes.